Atmospheric pressure sensors - Meteorology ATMOS

Atmospheric pressure sensors - Meteorology ATMOS

ATMOS-meteo sells reliable sensors to measure atmospheric pressure and barometric pressure port to protect the sensor and delete the influance of wind in the collected data.

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jeudi 13 juin 2024

Barometric pressure instruments

Barometric pressure port

The Barometric pressure port, accessory, inseparable of the digital barometer outdoor, allows to delete the influance of wind on atmospheric pressure measurement. It allows a greater protection of pressure sensor, by creating a barrier against dust or bugs.


Barometric pression sensors

The main advantages of RM YOUNG digital barometers are performance, miniaturization and simplicity. In their tight case, these totally customizable instruments allow a reliable measure of the atmospheric pressure. Among the available options, we can quote the calculation of QFE and QNH pressures, or adjustment of measure range.

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