Meteorology services and experts

Meteorology services and experts

ATMOS-meteo company is specialised in meteorological instruments to measure rainfall, clouds, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, visibility.

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jeudi 13 juin 2024


A team of experts at the service of meteorology!


Since 2003, creation of ATMOS Company, very often people asked us to define “who we are”. That’s not an obvious question. Like in any commercial activity, our goal is to define the need and propose a solution to it. The ATMOS difference is that we know of course features and benefits of our products but most of staff members performed already measurements campaigns of weather data in many environments. This means that they have an experience in addition of their academic knowledge.

In the same scope, we do not have just regular suppliers but real partners like R.M. YOUNG Company in the US. This means that we keep a constant contact with them to perfectly manage products and to propose improvements when needed. Companies who shared our philosophy have successful partnership with us. At the opposite, we stopped other relationships due to a lack of mutual trust.

In addition to knowledge of weather measurements and product management, a third aspect is the system management all along its life time. We perform service and we can also train you to perform service and improve durability of your investments.

Many people chose already our company for their project. We hope that you will join us  and enjoy your choice.

 Présentation d´ATMOS  (PDF 7492Ko)
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