Meteorology measuring instruments services

Meteorology measuring instruments services

ATMOS-meteo team is specialised in weather measuring instruments and offers you their expertise and service delivery such as metrological verification, data processing, trainings

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Meteorology instruments services

Metrological verification

Metrological verification : As all scientific measuring instruments, weather instruments proposed by ATMOS Company require to be regularly checked. This operation allows controlling the accuracy and consistency of measurements, while offering the possibility to anticipate the ageing of the instrument and the opportunity to perform preventive maintenance operations.


COFRAC Calibration

COFRAC Calibration: Due to the large number of physical parameters measured by our instruments (wind speed, temperature, humidity…), ATMOS decided to outsource COFRAC calibration benefits requested by our customers.  


Data processing

Data processing: Since 2003, ATMOS installed numerous weather stations on different types of sites: chemical plants, harbours and airports, air quality control centers and many others. These autonomous stations collect data and store them as time-stamped text files on the computer near the instruments. 

These raw data, sometimes recorded during several years, are not always obvious to process by the end user. This issue prompted us to propose the processing of these data.

Expertise, documentation and training

Expertise, documentation and training: The experience of our team since 2003, associated with the different personal curriculum and the individual talents, allow ATMOS to offer its customers a wide range of skills.

These skills are at your service to assist you in all your projects of meteorological measurement. In terms of expertise, we offer you to make professional looking on the problem that you are experiencing, help you to define and write the specifications, to advise you in the technical choices or to carry out a evaluation campaign or sizing. We can also in some cases perform mathematical modeling.  

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