Meteorological indicators and translators

Meteorological indicators and translators

For the processing of data collected by meteorological instruments, Atmos-meteo sells data integration software ADI tracker, Serial interface with compass, wind-tracker and data-processing system

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Data treatment & processing devices

Data integration software ADI Tracker

The data integration software ADI Tracker, simple for installation and use, allows to oversee your meteo station easilly . Besides its ergonomic screen, you will appreciate its various modes of calculation, its handiness and its intuitive system of saving and archiving your meteo data. Various options can be added, as calculations of pressure at the sea level, or alert of icing risks.


Serial interface with compass

The use of conversion interfaces is necessary according to development of numeric technologies and serial communication. The serial interface with compass, provided with diverse and customizable analogical inputs, allow to retrieve signals at sensors outputs and to process it. Numerical data are directly usable by computer or industrial translator. The compass function of 32500 provide an automatic alignment of wind direction versus magnetic North.


Wind tracker

Easy for customize and use, the wind tracker is an indispensable accessory for fast display of wind parameters. Provided with calculation and average functions, configurable with various wind speed units and compatible with numerous sensors, these devices can be used as alarm translator or as repeter for multiple display in diverse places.


Marine wind tracker

The marine version of the tracker is designed to indicate wind parameters aboard a ship. Provided with an NMEA input and with specific screen, it will be an indispensable help during your harbour operations. The functions of alarm, averaging or still repetition are similar to standard wind tracker.


Data processing system

The RM Young translator is a powerfull element for your meteo application. Its numerous analogical and digital inputs, its big capacities of calculation and memorization, its various modes of digital communication, its ergonomic and completely customizable screen, without forgetting its intuitive programming, make an indispensable element for compact and evolutionary meteo stations.

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