Integrated meteorological systems ATMOS

Integrated meteorological systems ATMOS

ATMOS-meteo install integrated systems owning sensors which data are processed by smart unit. Weather data will be measured, stored, transmitted. All these elements are integrated in a coherent system.

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jeudi 13 juin 2024

Integrated meteorological systems

This word with a technical sound describes in fact an obvious concept which should be described at different levels: sensors

These devices are translators of meteorological parameters into primary and proportional electrical signals. We obtain like this an instantaneous value which unfortunately is not usable to appreciate conditions or take decisions. From these data and with thanks to a CPU system, it is necessary to calculate statistical values (average, minimum, maximum…). These calculations are performed over a variable duration, called integration period, according to the studied topics.


Processing Unit

We mentioned in the previous paragraph the processing unit. It allows supplying usable data for decision like access to some public infrastructures or aircrafts take off. It is usually set near sensor but the location could be distant. We will review energetic aspects of these elements in the scope of fixed and portable systems description.

Integrated Systems

Those preliminaries being set, it is now possible to provide a definition of integrated systems. That’s a system owning one or several sensors which data are processed by a smart unit. This system will measure data in a location where mechanical supports exist, and equipped with storage or transmission means of processed data and power supplies. All these elements should create a coherent system

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