Temperature & Relative humidity

Motor aspirated shield


This motor aspirated shield is at the same time compact, resistant and powerful in term of protection in the solar radiations. Its integrated ventilator allows a constant circulation of air around your probe of temperature or relative humidity.

Air Temperature Probe


This probe of temperature is composed by a sensitive element (Pt1000 type) with embarked electronics. Simple to use and resistant to the weather conditions, it is ideal for the installations in difficult and isolated locations.

GILL Motoraspirated shields


It is well known that measurement of air temperature and relative humidity requires a shield. In order to maximize the accuracy, it is necessary to use motor aspirated shields like this one. The Gill Motoraspired shield is  more particularly design for use on towers.

Air temperature relative humidity probe


This Air temperature relative humidity probe, compact and resistant, measures at the same time the air temperature and the relative humidity. Coupled with a sheild with natural ventilation or motor aspirated , it provides meteo data by analog signals (voltage or current loop signals).

Multiplate radiation


This Multiplate radiation shield, made with UV stabilized thermoplastic materials, allows to reduce in a very significant way the influence of the solar radiations on your probe measurements. Its profile in superimposed plates offers an increased protection, while allowing the circulation of air around the sensitive element.

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